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Michigan Relics: A Great American Tragedy

The Michigan Relics are considered to be one of the most elaborate and extensive pseudoarchaeological hoaxes ever perpetrated in American history.

Ancient American

Hopewell: From Florida to Iowa

Wayne Mays looks at the Hopewell civilization of North America, following a trail from Florida to Iowa. A culture most often defined within the boundaries of their state, Mr. Mays attempts to weave them together as one nation, rather than separate entities.

Ancient American

Hopewell: A Closer Look

Wayne May takes a closer look at the Sovereign Nation of the Hopewell, focusing on the fortifications of the Hopewell Mound Builders, from the time period of 550 BC to 400 AD.

The Lost Civilizations of North America

Lost Civilizations is an engaging documentary that answers the question: "Why haven't we heard about the great civilizations that existed on the North American continent and why theories about their origin have passed out of place and time."

The documentary features interviews with numerous scholars including the former head of the Smithsonian Institute, Roger Kennedy; also Harvard PhD in Anthropology, Alice Beck Kehoe and many others who discuss the political and racist agendas behind "social evolution" that allowed a nation to wantonly destroy the remnants of what some consider to be among the oldest, most advanced and massive ancient civilization in human history.

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